Good morning all! Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday!!

I am definitely working very hard to stay on the positive side of things. And as other women can I’m sure, back me up in saying: there is a time of month when this is a very hard thing to do. Especially if you’re getting used to the keto diet. Idk about you guys but I want everything processed and terrible while suffering from my red plague (or lady time, period whatever you like to call it.)

This is the the time that I save my cheat day for. While trying to lose weight it really is best to limit your cheat days especially if you are going to have carbs. I am working my way towards having keto focused cheat days but I’m not quite there yet.

And that’s ok!!

Everything does not have to be instant. Yes we would like it to be but realistically if you want something to last it’s most likely going to take some time. When I started out with Keto my cheat days were pretty crazy and it definitely took a long time to recover from it. Also it would make me feel not great for a couple days while I got back on track.

My favorite cheat meal was honey BBQ boneless wings from pizza hut. Which are 132 carbs per 10 pieces!!! Oh my goodness gracious that is a lot. And of course that’s not all I’d have either. Sometimes I’d also have chips and ice cream because well I didn’t feel well and it was my cheat day. After two months of this i realized that this really wasn’t good. So I found a different way to go about it.

I started making my own BBQ chicken bites. Just cubed chicken cooked then covered in BBQ sauce. I’m on the hunt for a better more keto friendly BBQ sauce. As of right now the sauce I use is 14 carbs per 2 TBSP. Much better than 132. This helped me move my Cheat day carb count from 200-300 to around 50. I still very much enjoy myself but I don’t feel as crummy after and it doesn’t take as long to get back into ketosis.

Another thing I changed is I went from having chips and Ice cream to having one or the other. My favorite chips are Kettle brand salt and vinegar. So far i haven’t found a keto replacement for salt and vinegar chips. I did find a better ice cream though. Halo Top! So good! They use erythritol instead of sugar so much more keto friendly. I’ve only had a few flavors but they’ve been tasty.

These are my cheat day essentials! Other than these things I keep it Keto the rest of the day. This way I tend to feel better, stomach wise and guilt wise. Which is another important point, be aware that you are going to have cheat days. That’s ok! Just be aware and don’t let it derail your efforts. Remember why you’re doing this, whether it’s to lose weight, for medical reasons, or just because you want to live a healthier lifestyle that’s not ruled by sugar. Forgive yourself, you need to have a healthy relationship with yourself if you want to have a lasting healthy lifestyle.

There it is my Keto Cheat Day! It’s still a work in process but that’s ok! I’m learning more about myself and growing into a more confident and healthy women! How do you guys do cheat days? How often, and how do you feel after? I’d love to hear from you! Also Follow my blog to be notified about new Crazy posts. As always my lovely loons, life’s too short for boring sanity, Live Crazed.