Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Filled with family friends and great food. For those of us who are Keto starting out or otherwise, cookouts can cause somewhat of a problem. There’s so many classic tasty carb loaded treats around how do you keep it keto? Well I’m here to help, and while I don’t claim to be perfect or go to a family cook out and still nail all my macros. There are ways that we can minimize the damage, and hopefully not run too far down the spiral of carbs and sugar. I won’t promise it’ll be easy but it can be done with the right mindset

The most important piece of advice I can give is have a plan.

Try and ask around to find out what kind of food that will be served. Then you can be prepared for knowing what you’re going to have and what you’re going to run away from. This way you also know you’re not going to be stuck with nothing to eat that isn’t going to ruin your carb count. Of course there’s going to be all sorts of carb laden things that you’ll want to sample, nibble, chomp, and taste but don’t forget that those small bites do count too. So try not to get carried away.

If you’re new to keto have a plan for your relatives. They are going to ask you lots of questions and of course give their own opinion. Remember that not everyone is ready to be friendly with fat. Just be aware that you will probably get a lot of questions and they’ll probably watch what you eat. People can’t help but be curious. You can choose not to share too that is your choice. You chose to be Keto and your reasons are your own, no one can take that away. Or you’re like me you’re willing to bend anyone’s ear that’ll listen how much you love keto. No matter what don’t forget why you started keto in the first place. Then others can say whatever they want, it doesn’t mean you have to agree.

Another solid idea is to bring something you know you can have. I went to a cook out over the weekend and I made some keto approved crackers and artichoke dip. It was absolutely amazing and surprisingly filling. This ensures that you have a fall back and it gives others the chance to try things your way. I also found it was a good opportunity to try a new recipe. I think it would have been a good idea to also bring a sweet treat to have one sweet and one savory indulge-able treat. IMG_20180527_161912133.jpg

This next one may seem kind of obvious but I think its important to make the note of saying, to drink water. A lot of water. This will help a lot with being surrounded by cravings. If your thinking about snaking have some water and wait a few minutes. If you still want a snack keep it keto. Nuts, cheese, pepperoni all good simple choices. Water will also help your body come back from the day.Screenshot_20180528-110814

A big thing I want to touch on is while I’m saying keep it keto, at the same time don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself at least some calorie wiggle room, even if you’re going to aim to keep your carbs where they should be. It is supposed to be an enjoyable event after all. And if you are going to carb cheat try and pick one thing not just a free for all. For me it was a s’more. I could not resist. I resisted every other temptation, but I couldn’t say no to a S’more.

If I’m being honest it was totally worth it. I will not guilt myself for it.

I did really well the whole day. It wasn’t easy, pretzels and things just sitting there. We’re only human and if we deny ourselves everything all the time we’d be miserable. Just don’t let one thing open up the door to a day of bad eating. Have you’re indulgence and move forward.

For some trying to track your macros throughout the day will help keep yourself in check. This way you could watch closely where you are remind yourself of your goals. I had entered the day thinking I was going to track my macros, but between being surrounded by people and chasing my crazy boys around I didn’t think it was going to be worth it for me. I did decide to put it together this morning for you guys.Screenshot_20180614-224325

I kept it simple for the meal a burger with mustard and a thin slice of tomato, and some spinach with raspberry dressing. The raspberry dressing was absolutely delicious and I plan on looking for it to have from time to time. 1 net carb per serving, and a nice fresh slightly tart taste.

If you do want to track your macros but don’t have the time to sit and track everything right after you eat it you could snap a picture of what you’re having before you eat. Then when you get a chance you can go back through and log your food. This would be a really good way of holding yourself accountable. You could keep a memo on your phone of what you’ve had or actually write it down. I do wish I had kept better track of what I had eaten so I could have logged it. It’s also difficult to log because I’d have to add two recipes to my tracker app. Not a terrible thing but not something I wanted to do after the long day.

And there we are. Keeping it Keto at a cookout. It can be tough and even I don’t have it down to a science, but it can be done. Be aware, drink your water, and hold yourself accountable but don’t beat yourself up. One day isn’t going to throw off all your progress. On that same note though be sure its only one day and even better one treat. Not the whole day. It will be much better to just accept and move on. Not throw the macros away for the day. Then it will be that much harder to start back up. Did any of you attend a cookout over the weekend? Did you keep it Keto? What sort of things did you have? Please comment below, and don’t forget to follow. Most of all Live Crazed!!